So why the #blog? Cause #socialmedia.

Here’s the deal, social media is calling the shots and not just for writers (or rather, would-be authors) like me.

The more queries I submit, the more this little beauty crops up while researching literary agents, ‘Please provide links to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or blog. We especially want to know about your blog.’

‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?’ my brain initially protested. My Facebook is garbage, a glorified catch-all for my pictures. Instagram? More like Instawhatsitdo? My Twitter page isn’t too poorly neglected but I must admit my Twitter feed is mostly retweets from my favorite authors.

After mulling it over, blogging held a little more appeal than trying to professionalize the others. I get the chance to showcase my skills (for better or worse) and I get to air my thoughts. My real thoughts, mind you, and not just what I can squeeze into a limited amount of characters or memes. I think this is what mostly accounts for my disdain when it came to the social media requests. I see Facebook and Twitter and others as the fast food equivalent of a person. Takeaway, really. The thing about takeway is that it’s easy to throw away. Blogging has a little more stay power than my cat pics.

And I get the request in general, I do. Literary agents get to gauge your writing style ‘as is’ regardless of the genre you’re working out of, or perhaps in support of it.

So in between raising my kid, being a wife and partner, taking care of my home, paying the bills, and writing, I will now be blogging too. Sure, why not? I am, if anything, determined.

To the conclude this blog, I think it appropriate to sling a series of hashtags: #writer #writerforlife #writerslife #determined #literaryagent #fiction #ownvoices #publish #author #armedwithcoffee

Published by Christina Schmidt, MA

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

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