Book Reviews: A Blog Update

Happy New Year! New year and new writing, am I right?

I hope your holidays were restful and may you have enjoyed good times, good food, and good alcohol (in moderation, of course).

I’ve contemplated writing book reviews since my blog’s inception. I do write summary blurbs (examples here and here) as I like to contemplate what I’ve read over the course of a year. Personally, I prefer summaries but admit I could, and should, go into more depth as to why I enjoyed, or did not enjoy, what I’ve read.

I’ve always turned away from actually creating fleshed-out book reviews as I read so many of them already, and, in truth, I generally dislike the style; somehow assuming I would have to do the same. This is not a critique of other’s writings. I know the work that goes into these blogs and elsewhere. I am simply pointing out that there is no rule book that explicitly states book reviews are subject to one style. Instead of searching and failing to find a style I like, I will instead write reviews the way I want to see them.

I will continue to write random blogs but I could do with more intended content too. Stuff that may actually be helpful to others, or so I hope.

There will be two major aims to my upcoming book reviews:

1. Get to the point.
– No drawn out hemming and hawing about recommending the book.
– The answer will either be “yes” or “no” followed up with points that are
relevant to the recommendation.

2. Honesty.
– No need for exaggeration or belaboring a point.
– I’m not into trashing authors or their works.
– The book may not work for me personally but that’s not to say it didn’t do
wonders for someone else.

Because this will be a regular feature (but not a frequent one) I thought it best to title my book reviews as a series so they will become easily searchable:

“Get To The Point, Book Reviews: Title, by Author”

My first review (upcoming) will be The Witch Elm: A Novel, by Tana French.