Do you, or do you want to, submit your writing to literary journals? – guest blog post by Ellie O’Leary

Very helpful and practical information.

Trish Hopkinson

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned and decisions I’ve made in the area of literary submissions. Some of these I consider hard and fast rules, others are more like guidelines, and finally some are my preferences representing decisions I’ve made about how to conduct my own writing business.

First, let’s go over some of the terms.

Submission – You decide that some of your work might be appropriate for a certain journal or “lit mag”. It may be one that goes to print or is entirely online. You submit work for the journal to consider.

Acceptance – They say yes and usually tell you when your work will be published and according to what terms.

Rejection – They say no. Usually, they say “No thank you” in a standard but polite email. You may get a personalized rejection, with some advice on the work or encouragement to submit…

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