Living with your choices

Very apropos to my current thoughts.

Lifestyle Blog: living with fear & anxiety

I was watching a great show on Netflix this weekend called The Imposters. I binged season 1 in about a day and a half. The show got me truly hooked. Sadly, I read it was canceled after season 2… Anyway, it is about a bunch of con artists living all of these different lives. One random, outside character said something that truly stuck with me. She mentioned a mug she saw at an airport that said

“If you wanted to do it, you would have done it already.”

This quote really struck a chord with me. I talk so much about how I want to change my life but I have to think about whether or not I really want to. Because, as this saying goes, I would have done it already.

So I decided to put my actions where my mouth is and change my circumstances instead of just…

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