ISO Book Recommendations, ASAP

I don’t know what’s going on with my book selects lately, but man, I’ve been cracking open some duds lately.

Waiting on a good read like…

My reading habits are simple, I make a reading list of two to five novels. After reading those, I make another list and so on. Of those read, I will choose one to review.

I vet novels before purchasing. I casually glance at reviews via Amazon and Goodreads because I avoid wasting money, time, and imagination whenever possible.

Much to my frustration, I’ve vetted and purchased two novels this past month that I cannot bring myself to finish, they are just so damned boring. One is a straight up murder novel and is still dull as dirt.

I genuinely believe that authors are not writing better so much as they’ve learned (or their editors / publishers have learned) to write really good queries and book jacket summaries.

Think about it. Where is the advice in writing aimed these days – the book or the query? It’s all about the sell.

Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I’m tired of feeling duped for what is yet another mediocre adventure.

I AM OPEN TO ALL RECOMMENDATIONS. I ask you to consider: Did you think about the book when you weren’t otherwise reading it? Did it stay with you after you completed it? What’s the novel you remember not being able to put down? THAT’s the recommendation I want.

Help me out y’all, my brain is slipping into atrophy.

Christina Schmidt

Austin, Texas

Published by Christina Schmidt, MA

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

2 thoughts on “ISO Book Recommendations, ASAP

  1. I was very taken with Between the Bridge and the River, which, believe it or not, was written by TV’s Craig Ferguson. The opening line hooked me immediately: “Cloven-hoofed creatures passed this way.”


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