My Poetic Side

I’ll be releasing a poem this evening entitled, “The Kiss” via my blog and it occurred to me how strange it must seem that I freely release my poetry into the world, but not my writing. NEVER. EVER. Not even a scrap of a short story.

Perhaps it’s because I identify as a writer and not as a poet. I don’t mind cutting those poetic pieces loose because they seem more fluid and readily available. Perhaps I’m not as attached to my poems as my written pieces. Nobody knows the self-doubt, the sheer volume of wretchedness I experience over every professional sample I’ve ever submitted.

But a poem? I’ll release that into the world, no problem.

I’ve shared some real whopper-esque poems on this blog too. All my poems come from a real place, prompted by real situations or inspired by them. Perhaps that’s why I’m so comfortable putting them out in to the world. Poems are about as abstract as I’m like to get. Abstract work is infinitely more freeing than fiction.

Any other writers out there that can identify? Are you a poet that dabbles in stories? I’d like to know what you experience in that creative crossover.

In poetry, I don’t have to be straightforward, linear, or even sensical. In my poetry I strive for feeling first and “graspable” at best, intellectually speaking. That’s the blessed release of poetry, much like a song, poems are a place of feeling.

That being said, I hope you enjoy “The Kiss,” released later this evening.
Comments are always welcome.

Christina Schmidt