The Kiss (a poem)

Only moments known to them.
Precious and fleeting.
Moments here.
Moments there.

Two sets of eyes fixed.
Signaling their unspoken truths.
Warm smiles, issuing weathered conversation.
Close and never touching.

Weeks, months worth of such moments.
Was all they had.
Enough to see them through.
Until the next moment.

An alignment formed by Chaos.
Taking pity on the would-be lovers.
Holding back time itself.
But time can be held for so long.

A gap.
A sliver.
A promise of an undisturbed moment.
What they make now must last.

They find themselves at the wall.
Aquiver with excitement.
Without witness.
Without fear.

Seconds to minutes.
Their hearts thunder demands.
Cries for reparations.
At being so long divided.

He initiates.
A downward tilt of his head.
Taking the space halfway between them.
She meets him there, face upturned.

The kiss.

“The Kiss” (a poem) by,
Christina Schmidt

Published by Christina Schmidt, MA

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

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