Health Goals (Updated Pics)

Okay. Without fanfare, trumpets, confetti and champagne, I met my health goals. I shan’t go into all the work of it. If you are so inclined, please feel free to review my prior blogs on hypothyroidism and intermittent fasting.

As of today, 9/15/19:

For comparison, 6/29/19:

June 29 2019

My body is a reflection of my goals. To recap from prior blogs, my goals do not include “thin.” I strive for personal competence and thrive on physical discipline. Exercise is a place of refuge as it’s all about me – something I cannot say to be true in nearly any other aspect of my life so I selfishly guard my gym time and outdoor walks. It’s the only time I truly get to work on myself…in a literal sense.

Making time for exercise is making time for me.

My vital health stats are phenomenal (my doctor’s eyes popped when I visited last month) and more importantly I feel like me again. Job done.

I’ll go ahead and address some of the anticipated questions I typically get:

  • No, I don’t have a gym partner or gym buddy. Not that I don’t want a gym partner, I just don’t seem to know anyone who’s interested *shrugs shoulders* but that’s okay, I’m still happy to do what I do on my own because I ultimately hold myself accountable.
  • I do not run, I used to, however, the constant strain wreaked havoc on an old knee injury and I had to give it up. The discipline I developed from running did allow me to take to Arc training almost instantly. Arc training knee impact is minimal to zero and has largely contributed to the leg muscle that is so prominent. I love an outdoor walk too, city or nature, it’s all good.
  • Glute exercises. Ladies often ask me what I’m doing there. I think I have a modest curvature but it seems to be my number one question: 1. Squats (a lot) 2. Hip adduction machine (a lot) 3. Hip abductor machine (a lot). 4. Banded hip thrust (weighted). 5. Banded kick-backs and side-kicks.
  • 69680718_3276989998978145_1034265658595999744_o - Edited
    Dirty mirror! Yikes!
  • Arm strength. Not great. My arms remain the hardest part to get fully exercised and are slow to build.
  • Core strength. Pretty darned good I think. I achieve that with weekly crunches, lower body lifts, and deep core stretching.
  • Muscle recovery. Muscle rollout (the foam roller). Post workout sauna 10-15 min per gym routine. Nightly magnesium. I also use a heating pad for overly stimulated, twitchy muscles.

Let me know how it goes in your world of personal health goals! And now I’m off to make copious amounts of bake sale goodies. Yes, I still love to bake and eat good food. Who doesn’t?

My heart will always be at the bottom of a box of white chocolates.

To your health, ladies and gentlemen!

Christina Schmidt, MA