Book Review Rules

This post is a placeholder for my Get to the Point Book Review rules.

What’s my schtick as a reviewer? I like to point out what I find interesting and I like to do it quickly.

Book Review Rules:
1. Get to the point.
– No drawn out hemming and hawing about recommending the book.
– The answer will either be “yes” or “no” followed up with points that are
relevant to the recommendation.

2. Honesty.
– No need for exaggeration or belaboring a point.
– I’m not into trashing authors or their works.

3. No Delving or Deep Diving
– I dislike reading reviews where everything about a book is outlined. From personal experience, I become disinclined to read the book for myself so I do not write reviews from a traditional format.
– I will leave room for discovery. Character names, situations, plot, etc. may or may not be a point of discussion.

If you want a traditional book review, there are plenty of reviewers who provide just that (and better than I should I attempt it). You can just as easily read summaries on Amazon and Goodreads, or better yet read the book yourself.

Christina Schmidt, MA