No Makeup Challenge

First, this isn’t a proper blog post. Second, this isn’t a proper challenge.

I was dared (hardly a dare in my opinion) to post pictures of myself sans makeup on my blog, not just my Facebook page which is reserved for family and friends. I argued that I have. I’ve posted gym pics with no makeup. She countered that I still looked like I was wearing makeup. Well thank you, D.T. I’m flattered that my skin looks so flawless after a hard sweat. Lol.

D.T. pointed out that she’s never seen me without makeup. That’s just happenstance. I often don’t wear makeup: the gym, running errands, when I’m riddled with allergies and my eyes are leaking involuntarily…

I like makeup. I like being able to change the contours of my face. I like enhancing features or detracting from the occasional skin flaw (thank you pms).

I like changing the color of my lips. I’m particularly fond of my ruby red lipstick. I wear makeup as it pleases me to do so. What is life without a little color? The palettes are endless and I would dive into them all.

Anyway, here you are D.T. Challenge or “dare” complete. Remind me to tell you about some real dares. I’ve got stories.

Photo 1: Just out of the bath, face scrubbed. Pink cheeks and freckles.

Photo 2: Christina, au naturel.

No filters. No enhancements. No lighting changes.


Christina Schmidt, MA