Poetry Publication & Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me!

Red velvet cake. The sexiest and superior of all cakes.

Actually, my birthday is the 19th but I have some happy news to share so why not double up on celebrations? Also, I’ll be breaking from my usual Sunday morning of writing and blogging as I’m participating in the Miles for a Mission 5K at St. Edward’s University.

On with the news.

I had surprised myself by submitting my first poetry package at the start of October. That package included three poems and one was accepted! Two fell under the category of love/romance and one under thoughts/reflections.

Attic Movers (thoughts/reflections) was accepted! I was pleasantly surprised. I wrote Attic Movers, and a batch of other poems, in 2002 (a hell of a year).

I knew submitting under the love/romance category would be tricky as it is, by far, the largest category in the realm of poetry. Poets with more experience and talent than I would make me an unlikely runner. I submitted The Kiss and Pulse. Why did I do that knowing the odds? I thrive on rejection, naturally. Haha.

Actually, The Kiss was, and remains, a heavy contender in my creative arsonal, it is my most popular poem next to She Left. However, despite this piece not making the cut, I received excellent feedback and will continue to shop The Kiss around. Pulse was an impulse submission. I like it’s fluidity but I didn’t expect it to go through.

However, despite this small success, I maintain that I am not a poet…Word Masher, maybe. Poet Newb. Baby Bard. Something like that.

2002, eh? Don’t dismiss those past endeavors. Some stuff still proves useful…if you let it.

Thank you for the support, the love, and the feedback.

Cheers Y’all,
Christina Schmidt, MA