Miles for a Mission 5K

Running. The freedom. The rush.

Well, not really a rush. I am unable to go full-tilt as I addressed in The Gym Diaries. I damaged my knee at a young age and cartilage generally gets worse over time, not better. Still, I was happy to be out in the sun, participating in a light 5K, Miles for a Mission at St. Edward’s University campus.

Miles for a Mission is a single-day fundraiser that benefits the Service Break Experience (SBE) program. Specifically, Miles for a Mission helps lower the costs of travel for students who would like to participate in service opportunities, domestic and abroad. I wish this program was available in my time as a student. There is a lot to be said about being in service to others, more so beyond one’s front door. To learn more about SBE, click here. To direct donate, click here.

The SBE program began in 2008 and as of 2019 has helped students obtain access to service-oriented opportunities in 17 unique locations. That’s a lot of students and a lot of service areas.

Oh and no joke, I was asked repeatedly where I got my Hill Yeah shirt (see below). I mean literally stopped a few times while I was running. Wouldn’t you know it – the Bookstore sells them! If you know me in real life, come find me. I’m onsite in the mornings to early afternoons. The Nike “Hill Yeah” dri-fit shirt is currently not sold on our online store (they move fast), but I’ll update with links should that change.

You can also call and I’ll be happy to ship our merch to you! The Bookstore: / 512-448-8575.

Yes, I just plugged my store’s gear. #myblog #gohilltoppers #seubookstore


Christina Schmidt, MA