Christina’s Soundtrack: Volume II

* This blog contains adult language.

The first Christina’s Soundtrack got a ton of hits so here we are folks, Volume II. Truly, you should try this for yourself if you have not done so already. Discovering your personal soundtrack can be incredibly entertaining and even insightful.

1. Malaguena Salerosa by Chingon

[Besar tus labios quisiera / Malagueña salerosa / Y decirte niña hermosa / Eres linda y hechicera]

There are scores of versions of Malaguena Salerosa, Spanish and English. The English version does not compare, not by a long shot. While I’ve heard many Spanish versions of Malaguena Salerosa my favorite can be found on the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack. This version gets my blood going. Chingon made an incredibly passionate cover. I’m not much of a dancer but this song would tempt out onto the dance floor. I would love to write passion in the manner in which it was expressed in this song.

FYI – Avenged Sevenfold does a decent version; more sound than vocals but that’s my opinion.

2. Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus

[And you say, “All things pass into the night” / And I say, “Oh no sir, I must say you’re wrong / I must disagree, oh no sir, I must say you’re wrong” / Won’t you listen to me / Good-bye horses I’m flying over you]

Oh. I know. Your first thought is Silence of the Lambs and THAT scene. That’s the problem. As a song, Goodbye Horses was ahead of its time and it was paired with a hit movie during an unforgettable scene. If you can get that scene out of your head while listening to Goodbye Horses you might experience something wondrous like I do. It has a blissful quality to it. Ethereal, even. I often hear this song in my head when I’m feeling myself: A glass of wine and I’m chill and just enjoying the moment. #noapologies

3. If I Had Heart by Fever Ray

[If I had a heart I could love you / If I had a voice I would sing / After the night when I wake up / I’ll see what tomorrow brings]

That makeshift pulse just in the first few seconds of song, though. Thanks to the show Vikings, I took to this song almost immediately at first hearing it. I know what it is to have an absence of feeling, and when I’m in those moments this song rings true with a hollow quality that is frightening.

4. Moving in Stereo by The Cars

[It’s so easy to blow up your problems / It’s so easy to play up your breakdown]

This is one of those rare songs wherein I truly enjoy the sound more than the lyrics. It is decidedly a feeling that is elicited, like Peter Gabriel’s Red Rain that I mentioned in my previous blog. I can’t explain the feeling but then again I don’t think I need to either. The song speaks for itself, no?

5. (Don’t Fear) the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

[Come on baby, and she had no fear / And she ran to him, then they started to fly / They looked backward and said goodbye, she had become like they are]

First of all, #morecowbell! You either get that magical reference or you don’t.
I adore this song because I remember the sense of freedom I could feel in being my own agent of change. I used to welcome change, or at the very least knew when it was time to initiate change and I didn’t shy away from it. I’d like to be that person again, someone who welcomed endings and looked forward to beginnings. This song has a way of making me feel full of potential, and oddly wistful.

6. Back to Black (uncensored) by Amy Winehouse

[He left no time to regret / Kept his dick wet / With his same old safe bet / Me and my head high / And my tears dry / Get on without my guy]

The very depths of my defeat made into song.

7. Truth Hurts by Lizzo

[Why men great til they gotta be great? / I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch / Even when I’m crying crazy / Yeah, I got boy problems, that’s the human in me / Bling bling, then I solve ’em, that’s the goddess in me]

I became a Lizzo fan in all of three minutes and two seconds. That’s how long Truth Hurts is. It was love at first sound. In a rush, I backlogged all of Lizzo’s work. I am particularly fond of Tempo [Come eat some of this cake / He look like he could gain a little weight / Lick the icing off, put the rest in your face] but Truth Hurts was my starter. I love her attitude. I love her brazenness. I love her female-centered positivity. I love her sex-positivity. I love her body-positivity. I adore Lizzo.

Also, I’d like to think Truth Hurts is what a healthy ‘Fuck You’ sounds like.

8. I Miss You by Adele

[Bring the floor up to my knees / Let me fall into your gravity / And kiss me back to life to see / Your body standing over me]

This song perfectly captures sensualism and seduction. If my sexual self had a sound it’s, I Miss You.

9. Thunderstruck by AC/DC

[I was caught / In the middle of a railroad track / I looked round / And I knew there was no turning back]

I am a high energy person. When I hear Thunderstruck I hear my energy, which I think is quite funny given the context of the song. But really, though. The sound of Thunderstruck is the sound of my natural, day-to-day energy and I love it.

10. Immigrant Song (Remix) by Trent Reznor and Karen O.

[W’ell drive our ships to new lands / To fight the horde, and sing and cry / Valhalla, I am coming!]

This is what my adrenaline sounds like, this version of Immigrant Song remixed by Trent Reznor. What’s the difference between my energy sound and my adrenaline sound? One is natural, the other is a high. I still get runner’s high, just not from running. When I’m in my cardio – I’m gone, I’m somewhere else. Not gonna lie, I’ve gotten looks when I’m in my zone. This version of Immigrant Song is like a representation of my mental zone.

A similar vibe is Metallica’s, Enter Sandman.

11. Thunder by Imagine Dragons

[Just a young gun with the quick fuse / I was uptight, wanna let loose / I was dreaming of bigger things / And wanna leave my own life behind]

I truly appreciate the ambition and the self-perseverance that so strongly comes through in this song. I know what it is to be met with doubt, to be told repeatedly that I am not right, I am not anyone’s chosen one, to be rejected. I learned to choose myself instead. I saw my own potential where others could not. “I was lightning before the thunder,” damn right.

12. Think About You by Guns N’ Roses

[Say baby you been lookin’ real good / I remember when we met / Funny how it never felt so good / It’s a feelin’ that I know / I know I’ll never forget]

Think About You is a charming rock n’ roll love song that isn’t a power ballad (not that there’s anything wrong with that and GN’R definitely wrote a few of those too). Think About You is just sweet and honest and simple and let’s be real, what woman doesn’t want to hear that? To know that you’re the total occupier of another’s thoughts? Nothing gets to me more than sincerity because you can’t fake it. And, Think About You has just enough edge on it to keep it rock-real.

Cheers Y’all
Christina Schmidt, MA