Happy Holidays from ArmedWithCoffee

I have never been so challenged in my writing as I was this year, nor so in touch with it. The more I am pushed, the more I discover within my abilities.

To date, it has been my immense privilege to be published four times: Two short stories and a poem; “Snowbound” was so well received it was published twice. My poem “Attic Movers” being published this year still startles me and I’ve begun to entertain new ambitions in the direction of poetry.

And YES, I will continue to pursue publication for, The Kiss. So many of you expressed disappointment in it not being chosen for publication this year.

You guys are amazing, and I am not in the least bit deterred. I believe The Kiss was meant for something bigger. Of all my pieces, The Kiss is my favorite. I will see it brought into the world. You have my word on that.

To the writing community, to the poetry community, to friends and family, thank you. Some of you provided feedback on my work, you shared your thoughts and feelings, and some of you simply nudged.


I’m grateful.

– Christina

PS – Just some house business. I don’t normally do this as it’s not my rhythm to schedule blogs but I am giving a date for the next vlog: On Writing Erotica (My Goals).

I am officially scheduling it for release on January 5th, Sunday. The interest being what it is…it’s just easier to give a date.

Goodness, I hope the vlog lives up to the demand.

Cheers Y’all,
Christina Schmidt, MA