On Writing Erotica (My Goals)

Did you ever really want something /
So bad you couldn’t say it ‘loud? /
I put my lips up to your ear, darling /
I’m gonna tell it to you now /
I Wanna Have You” – St. Mojo

*This vlog contains adults themes as they relate to erotica writing.

Intro 0:00
1. Why erotica? 0:36
2. Have you written erotica before? 4:06
3. Cliches / tropes 4:54
4. Is erotica your version of porn? 8:24
5. What can we expect from your erotica? 10:01
6. “Be specific” / how erotica has helped me understand my sexuality 11:07
7. Your erogenous zones? 18:56
8. Regret 25:25
9. Can I beta read your erotica? 30:12
Conclusion 31:24


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Cheers Y’all,
Christina Schmidt, MA