Inkbox Tattoos, An Updated Review

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Inkbox recently launched an updated application method to their temporary tattoo product. Necessary, im my opinion, as when I first reviewed their product I found the original application method to be a finicky. A bit fussy.

I concluded with a 2-part recommendation that you can read here.

*This article is not sponsored. The following product “Goddess” was purchased by me and reviewed by me. All experiences documented are my own.*

For more on Inkbox and their products, click here: Inbox’s Info Video.

Get to the point, would I recommend Inkbox?

Answer: No. Clarity of the product declined sharply after the 3rd day, costing an average of $6.70 per day (for 3 days worth of viable product) or $3.33 a day for the 6 days I could technically see it. “Goddess” is a 5×2 temporary tattoo product that cost $20 ($23 in total with shipping).

The experience really speaks for itself. I was generous with the photo proofs and they pretty much capture the experience. In all, I find the older – more finnickier – application method to have a higher payout. To compare the product experience, click here.

What I purchased:

Screenshot 2020-02-02 at 6.42.39 AM
“Goddess” a 5×2 product that cost $20.

The Materials:

 Application Method:

 The First 48 Hours:

Days 3 to 7:


Like last time, Inkbox products (and similar products) give you the idea of what to visually expect from a permanent tattoo. However, you can achieve the same idea from any temporary tattoo. I cannot see recommending Inkbox (at the prices they charge) for something that fades incredibly fast. Honestly, you could buy something a lot cheaper elsewhere because – in the end – be it Inkbox’s “semi-permanent” (arguable) ink, or the cheap self-adhesive stuff we all grew up with, THEY ALL FADE. It’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to pay for the fade. Unless Inkbox is offering a design that you specifically want to see on your body, I just don’t see the point.

Disappointed by the smeary transfer. Given the sealing process (excellent) I’m surprised there were any issues with the ink transferring incorrectly.

As to the new application, well that is an appropriate boast. Compared to the original application method, this new method is A LOT faster. The guess work was reduced considerably so there’s that.

To appease any doubt, yes I’m careful to reduce friction from clothing and contact, and generally being cognizant of the ink while showering, etc.

Working on a college campus as I do, I see Inkbox products everywhere. And that got me thinking…the designs are becoming so common place that I can spot an Inbox product. Kind of justifies a real tattoo, knowing a real one is a unique piece of art and not a prepackaged concept of art that anyone, anywhere can put on their body at anytime. Something to think about.

Christina Schmidt, MA