Blog N’ Vlog Update: Exciting News!!!

There’s so much going on you guys 🙂

Check out the timestamps below for specific references. Briefly, I discuss current submission goals in both my poetry and short story endeavors.

Additionally, I officially announce the launch date of my new YouTube channel: Sassy Scorpion Tarot (currently under construction, but you can still subscribe) and the first 5 subscribers will earn a free 3-card reading! Finally, I update you on my erotica projects.

BONUS: I read the opening sentence (not an excerpt) to my first erotica short story, The Client, as a thank you for all the views on YouTube!!!


[I’ve gotten reports of there being a “lag” between video and audio.]
[*Update – it’s a YouTube thing. It’s less than a .03 second delay, I’m looking into it to prevent this from happening in future videos. Thanks for sticking with it.*]

0:00 I’m Back
0:10 Poetry Submissions
1:15 Short Story Submission
1:50 Sassy Scorpion Tarot (SST) Announcement / Going Full-Tilt
4:31 Win a Free 3-Card Reading
4:54 Separating AWC & SST
6:18 Let’s Talk Numbers / Erotica Views Update
8:03 Writing a “Quick N’ Dirty”
9:16 The Client
9:53 Book of the Month
10:10 Take Care Out There

Upcoming Video Dates:
April 1: Book of the Month, April 2020 (AWC)
April 5: Sassy Scorpion Tarot launches with 12 zodiac readings (YouTube only) along with, Sassy Scorpion Tarot: An Introduction (AWC & YouTube).

Vlogs Referenced:
On Writing Erotica (My Goals)
Happy 10k Subscribers & Followers!!!

Cheers Y’all,
Christina Schmidt, MA