Publication & COVID-19 (continuing to f*ck things up)

The simplest way I can say this, I am considering altering my remaining submission plans for this spring session and quite possibly for the remaining year.

Some of you, like me, put submissions out in the spring and are already receiving feedback. Thanks to COVID, things are uncertain in all areas of business and that includes the world of publishing.

It was brought to my attention that many publication determinations will be delayed if not cancelled outright. This is not an absolute, but it is a possibility to be expected. A possibility, I’m sure, many of you have already figured out for yourselves.

I am considering refraining from additional submissions until later in the year, or possibly pick up where I left off until spring of 2021. I would love to know what others are experiencing and what your thoughts are regarding your submission plans during this time.

I have a hard time digesting rejection based on a business decision steeped in uncertainty. As a writer, I’m prepared for “it’s crap,” but I’m not comfortable with, “we love it, only now’s not the time.” A lot goes into submissions. Let me know your thoughts, please.

Hope all is well,