That’s Currently F*cking With My Brain.

I think is the name of my new weekly segment. MTCFWMYB? That’s going to require some more thought but the concept is there.

So much music is dismissive to my ears. Literally a case of in one ear and out the other. But when a sound does catch me it seems to totally wreck my brain, usually for the better. I can think of a few songs that always set me to tears or anger, at least it’s reactionary. I’d prefer those negative but real emotions to neutral. Nothing is so awful in artistic experience as indifference.

For me, being caught by a sound or song is typically positive just immediate and all-consuming.

What’s currently caught my brain:
Nocturama by Nicolas Boscovic, Tom Hillock. Album – Electrorama II.

I have no words for this sound save the creation of entire worlds are being made by it.

Christina Schmidt, MA