Writer’s Lift Wednesday #9

This is a writersliftwednesday blog, sharing the works of fellow writers, poets and persons random. All re-blogs will be linked appropriately to their authors.

Writing is no easy calling and nothing easy was ever worth doing.

Support each other. Share and reshare.

Christina Schmidt, MA


1. 10 Signs You’re Really Meant to Be a Writer by Meg Dowell via Novelty Revisions

1. You tend to use stories to solve real-world problems and make sense of things happening around you, even if it involves making up random “backstories” for strangers in your own head.

2. Whenever you read other people’s stories, your mind always branches off and considers where the characters might have ended up if a story had gone in a different direction.

3. Sometimes, writing things is easier than saying them out loud. (This doesn’t apply to everyone, but it might to you!)

4. You physically write more than you theoretically talk about what you “wish you could” write.

5. You’re willing to take the necessary steps to figure out when, where, and how you can successfully fit writing into your regular schedule.

6. You often write even on your worst days when you don’t “feel” like it.

7. You don’t let little things like writer’s block get in your way of creating new stories. You take the time to work through your roadblocks and get the work done even when it’s challenging.

8. Even though you know writing and getting published aren’t always easy, you keep writing anyway, using your determination to drive you forward.

9. The idea of getting to share your stories with the world doesn’t just excite you — it fuels you.

10. You continue to write not because someone else says you should or because you have to, but because even if no one asked, you would still keep doing it anyway.

2. prison Break by Mateo via The Heat of Life

Everyone’s eyelashes are prison iron fences

We are so close

But can’t smell the slightest warm breath

Winter bus on icy irons

Avoiding the suspected hand, in the gap between survival

Carefully measure the distance you can live

New Year’s huge balloons fall in love on the square

Children’s sleigh-like singing sounded in the store

On this day unrelated to me

My indifference to me, my humility

Breathing on the glass window over and over again

Escape back thousands of miles in the blurred vision

3. A tragedy by Nadine L. via MESSYPENS