A Man’s Thigh (an erotic poem)

*This poem contains erotic subject matter.

and again was on the lighter side, this piece lands more middle or so I believe. Erotic poetry is harder to gauge. As always, your thoughts are welcome.

PS – Yes, I intend to follow-up on my current writing projects in a Q&A vlog – including my erotica fiction – sometime in May. Thank you for your inquiries!

If he has the courage to engage my eyes
I will, at some point
(Just between you and I)
Look to his thighs…

Little womanly secret, mine

Thighs have their own language
Rippling muscle under taut flesh
Disciplined, pounded near to death

What he is capable, can control, and deny
Told by a pair of well sculpted thighs

My imagination
That much more inflamed

Thighs such as his, true nature revealed
A man who denies his senses
Makes up for it by his heel
Such discipline, such pain

The greater his pain
The greater my calling

With warmed oils I would ease him
On my knees in near worship
Healing touch running the length
Of his tortured groin

Return him to reality ready to conquer as before
Coming back to me that I may anoint him once more

A man’s face is assumed
Hands have their purpose
But thighs are more telling
Of his place in the universe

On the streets
In the sheets

A man’s thigh tells more
Than I think even he knows
Like how he could handle me
Between my thrashings and moans

Thighs such as his, I could only imagine
His gravity not thrown off
By my arching back
And multiple orgasms

A Man’s Thigh (an erotic poem)
Christina Schmidt, MA