[Re-Posting] Tarot for Writers & Poets

[Apologies for the re-post. The original YouTube link didn’t take or broke from the posting date on Friday. Fun with technology. Thanks for hanging in there y’all.]

Greetings Fellow Writers & Poets!

I am SO pleased to bring you this special tarot reader segment: Literary Artists Tarot, a tarot reading just for writers and poets! I knew I would create this reading for my fellow literary artists, and here it is!

I hope you like it – I had you all in mind while making it. You must please tell me your sign and if anything I said resonated with you. If it did, consider liking and subscribing to Sassy Scorpion Tarot. As you contribute your energies to my work, my work will better reflect your energies.

I hope to produce this segment at least once a month.

This is a 2-part reading, a base reading using The Literary Witches Oracle and a creative transformation reading for all 12 signs using the David Bowie inspired, Starman Tarot.

Literary Artists Tarot Intro 0:00
Base Reading / All Writers 2:27
Literary Elements to Include 6:08
Transformation Readings Start 8:44
PISCES 12:54
GEMINI 16:56
VIRGO 20:23
ARIES 23:28
CANCER 27:32
LIBRA 32:44
LEO 42:41
TAURUS 50:01
Conclusion 1:01:00

PS – The link to my “Cellar Door” t-shirt. I’m listing my t-shirt b/c I do get asked about it. I’m a huge Donnie Darko fan. I’m not affiliated to the business, just listing as a courtesy.

Cheers & Happy Weekend,
Christina Schmidt, MA