Love Readings Available

Hello All,

The new weekly readings are available on YouTube!

This week’s focus: General Love Readings (bi-monthly).

I am linking Taurus’ reading below. Happy Birthday, Taurus! To see your sign, please visit my channel Sassy Scorpion Tarot, and while you’re there, consider liking and subscribing. As you contribute your energies to my work, my work better reflects you.

Christina Schmidt, MA

Published by Christina Schmidt

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

5 thoughts on “Love Readings Available

  1. A-effin-men. Amen. I’ve watched this vid and resonate. I hopped over to your YouTube site to watch your Sag to see how you handles this wonderfully anomalous though more than resonant time, like Soul Gardener resonant. Woo rather than Woo Woo. Every. Single. Card. Every. Single. Word. to a ‘T’ described the form-giving and coming into being of ImaginAction, quite an ex from 8 years ago. We both seem to have needed different paths of gestation and healing, and death is now the mother of that as memory, the fertilizer for actionable and fluid fluency of dreams. We both evolved since then. Better fit for both, now. No hurry. No lag. Thank you for your reading… here and Sag on your YouTube channel.

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    1. Jordan, I am always grateful to know who I am resonating with. Thank you for sharing your story and your equally good energies. You are in a good place. I hope to see you in future, here on WordPress and on YouTube. Take care and be well.

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      1. I sat with your reading, steeped.

        And, ironically, to speak to that devilishly delicious and depthful Scorpionic smirk in wonderful nod and interest picking up on the resonant and consistent theme of quiet… that smirk that is both chthonic and numinous and knowing at the same time cascading out resonating waves of curiosity in a knowing, a knowing of what cannot be that is certainly there… and certainly IS.

        To speak to that most powerful theme in your reading: Ironically, to speak:

        I am now the SIlence,
        The SIlence of fluid fluency flowing in and through and around
        The A U M of ImaginAction’s voice.

        I am now simply the deep well from which it was birthed fully formed.

        Now, made by though unfettered by me,
        Now, it gets to speak for itself.

        Take care and be well as well. Health and in good spirits tp you, Christina.

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