Fingers (an erotic poem)

*This poem contains erotic subject matter.

Twin nevi on my neck
Connect the dots, draw the line
Continue on to that most dramatic bone

Dip into that velvet hollow
I rejoice in a fingered clavicle

Skilled, warm fingers (such as I adore)
I’ve ‘nother silken hollow
You’ve determined to explore

My sigh is your name, hallowed it be
The slick quickens as friction accelerates
Inside me

Coaxing my vocals to pitch and linger
His power demonstrated
By a couple of fingers

Fingers (an erotic poem)
Christina Schmidt, MA

Published by Christina Schmidt

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

23 thoughts on “Fingers (an erotic poem)

      1. I find sexuality and erotica to be linked.Where does one end or begin? While sex is not necessary in erotica, one should hope there is erotica in sexuality otherwise its just plain old “adult content,” and poetry just isn’t required for that. Overall, the idea was to demonstrate eroticism by use of fingers so I think the visualization had to be a little more forward. I’m just thinking out loud as, Tatjana, you gave me something to think about. Where does erotica end and sexuality in art begin? Fine line I should think. Anyway, thanks Tatjana (and Jordan, of course) for sharing your thoughts and I very much appreciate your describing “Fingers” as powerful.

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      2. Love the perspective. I’ll tailor my “ecstasy is both” to be “sexuality and erotica are linked.” “Ecstasy is both” now goes a little vague, limits both into a mold. “Sexuality and erotica are linked” opens that up… well, more openly, resonates more fully.

        Yes, the visualization being more forward drove a poetic focus that painted the scene and dwelled into the whole world which was that, one scene. Important for the poem to be that engaged and present… and not just for the poem. The poem felt to express two people INTENSELY linked. That’s both. That’s very much both.

        Oh shit, I used “very.” Mark Twain’s going to come back from the dead. Well, maybe that wouldn;t be such a bad thing.


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