Writer’s Lift Wednesday #13

This is a writersliftwednesday blog, sharing the works of fellow writers, poets and persons random. All re-blogs will be linked appropriately to their authors.

Writing is no easy calling and nothing easy was ever worth doing.

Support each other. Share and reshare.

Shoutout to fauxcroft. “In this embrace” is something special. Truly inspiring. Reading pieces like that has me believing I could push myself further.

Paperbacks and Planners, I love the idea of your article. I am considering doing something similar now. Love the way you presented the work and why.

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. “In this embrace,” by fauxcroft

We are two lovers in embrace

If feel the warmth on these cold days,

I love the scent of you

And your spiritual truth,

I love the touch of your skin

The moments we spend kissing,

I love the way you writhe and arch

I pay homage to the physicsl art,

That you’ve carved when working your body

And I respect the fitness of your lines

I am in awe of your intellectual, creative mind,

You moan as I go deeper into you

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2.  “Authors I’m Breaking Up With,” by Paperbacks and Planners

1. Leigh Bardugo

Okay everyone take a deep breath.

I am planning on giving Ninth House a shot before this one is finalized. But I don’t have high hopes. I really didn’t like the Six of Crows duology and I have no interest in any more books in the Grishaverse. If if her adult stuff doesn’t work for me, I think Bardugo and I have to amicably go our separate ways.

2. Anna Marie McLemore

This is another one I’m on the fence about… I actually loved Blanca & Roja but I’ve DNF’d three of their other books. That’s not a good record. I love the idea of McLemore’s books, but they tend to skew too whimsical for my taste.

3. Seanan McGuire

Not to be confused with Mira Grant! I do still have interest in this author’s horror novels, but their fantasy just hasn’t worked for me. I know this author writes crazy popular series, but sadly they’re just not for me.

4. L.J. Shen

This is actually the author that stemmed this entire post. I heard amazing things about L.J. when I first got into romance and I really enjoyed Vicious when I read it. However the more I’ve read of her books, the more I feel like I’m rereading the same plot over and over again. And each time it’s more dramatized and outrageous than the last. And I’m done. Full stop.

5. Libba Bray

This is an author I really wanted to get on the bandwagon for. But holy cow did I hate A Great and Terrible Beauty and I’ve DNF’d The Diviners – twice. So I’m calling it.

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3. “Lorelei,” by Linda Lee Lyberg via Charmed Chaos

“She lives alone in a lighthouse by the sea. Since she moved here 7 years ago, she’s had the same nightmare each night. A tall man, wearing a hooded shroud whispers her name over and over; ‘Lorelei, Lorelei’. She never sees his face, but yet feels threatened.

Lately in the dream he is talking more, but she has a hard time remembering his words. Only ‘Get ready, I’m coming for you, Lorelei.

One stormy night, Lorelei hears a voice calling her name from outside. She rushes into the darkness, concerned someone may be in trouble. As she makes her way down to the rocks where the waves are crashing the shore, she sees a lone figure. It’s the man in her dream. His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream and his hood falls away, revealing his face.”