Not My Feeling (a poem)

Tomorrow Never Knows.
I have a pretty good idea.
About the next day.
The day after too.

Time is endless.
In the void.
A colorless, gray place.
Not my scene.
Not my feeling.
Here I am.

We all take turns here.
And it was mine.

There will come a shard of light.
A path made clear.

A passion felt.
I will move forward, in time.

Not My Feeling (a poem) by
Christina Schmidt, MA

Published by Christina Schmidt

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

12 thoughts on “Not My Feeling (a poem)

  1. I think allowing ourselves to feel things and sit in a space for a moment is good. I am learning to feel all the way through something before moving on so I don’t keep it with me anymore.

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