Literary Artists Tarot (June 2020)

[Pre-Script: I know I’m behind on Book of the Month…I know! It’s a comin’ I promise!]

Greetings Fellow Writers & Poets!

It’s that time for another Literary Artists Tarot (LAT), a tarot reading special just for my fellow writers and poets (artists in general, so one hopes).

These speciality readings will have limited appeal but I’m happy to do it for those who might like a little more insight (or just some fun ideas) regarding their literary projects.

Like last time, LAT is a 2-part reading. Part I is the base reading using The Literary Witches Oracle followed by Part II, a creative transformation reading for all 12 signs using the David Bowie inspired, Starman Tarot.

Christina “Sassy Scorpion

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Into 0:00
Base/Author Reading 2:30
Elements to Include 5:03
Sagittarius 9:55
Pisces 13:02
Gemini 17:00
Virgo 19:52
Aries 23:11
Cancer 25:25
Libra 30:23
Capricorn 34:58
Leo 37:58
Aquarius 41:25
Taurus 44:41
Scorpio 49:21