Please Know…

Hello All,

I am in a place of balancing my correspondence. Many of you will have noted my comments are not as frequent nor as thoughtful (the latter is a note-to-self perspective). Some of you are aware that I am a full-time YouTuber as well as writer and poet. My YouTube channel is time consuming (in a good way) and is growing. My client work is up and my general correspondence has increased.

Please know I may not get to the breadth and depth of your beautiful, wonderful thoughts here on WordPress (you know who are) but please know I read every single comment and your thoughts touch me. Truly. Sometimes I have a moment to hit “like” but I promise your thoughts about my work, and my general nonsense (there’s a lot of it, I’ll be honest), really do stay with me.

Emails are going to get to me faster and I can better provide you my attention. I’ve no doubt I will improve the balance of my social media commentary but for now just know that my comments may not be as frequent as I would like them to be.

Writing/Blog stuff:

Tarot stuff:

Your support and your thoughts are everything.

I can’t wait for the next vlog Q&A. Those are so fun and provide a nice break from the norm. The last Q&A was a blog, also fun to do but I enjoy the video format. Apparently, how I express myself is of great entertainment to some of you😆 😉