Writer’s Lift Wednesday #16

This is a writersliftwednesday blog, sharing the works of fellow writers, poets and persons random. All re-blogs will be linked appropriately to their authors.

Writing is no easy calling and nothing easy was ever worth doing.

(3.) From Jeremiah S Blanchard’s article, “Words are expensive. They all carry a price.”

Support each other. Share and reshare.

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. Snow Globes by InkGirlWords

The world is a forest of snow globes,
Each globe a prison
Each person a prisoner.
So near yet so far.

Our small worlds are shaken often
Yet we cannot share our pain.
The glass prevents our words from escaping
And they echo perpetually
As the snow falls.

2. Bermuda – L. Stevens by Kristiana via Free Verse Revolution

The sun is long gone

and the stars are being

outshined by the

brightest moon of the year

The air is cool

but the spray from

the waves is warmer

than I expected

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3. 5 Reminders of Why You’re a Writer…by Jeremiah S Blanchard via Medium

Writing is a tough job. It’s an art that takes far more practice than anyone considers — especially the beginning writer.

You know it’s tough because you’ve been typing and scribbling away for a while now, and you haven’t caught any traction.

You haven’t reached your goal, or you’ve come close, but you still know there’s much more work to do.

This is just the beginning of the writer’s life.

Really — this is the writer’s life.

We all have this idea of our own personal “writer’s life.” Some of us envision sitting in a study surrounded by open books, ink spots on fresh parchment and a pair of spectacles teetering on the ends of our noses.

Some of us just want to finish that one breakout novel and send it out into the world just to say we finally did it.

Some of us just want to blog for a living.

Whatever your vision is of your writer’s life, it’s a very personal image that you hold sacred. But sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. Sometimes we lose track and put down the pen. All writers do.

You and I are both guilty of this treachery.

This is why you need to be reminded of why you’re a writer.

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