Mouth (an erotic poem)

This one is a bit twisty. My appreciation of “tasking” wouldn’t stop as I was developing this piece. I respect the process; how I see it is how I see it. Decidedly free verse poetry.

I’ve paid homage to a powerful encounter with “The Kiss” but I never really addressed the importance of that first contact. As a woman who is cognizant of her sexuality, I know what my tipping point is. The “yea or nay” is often determined in that oh-so-critical, first mouth to mouth contact.

As always, let me know your thoughts.

a friend of the them
until they get in the way

must I be so blunt?
put your mouth on me

words have their purpose, fair enough
they got you this far
take it further

perpetual woman I am
I’ve a to-do list for you – your
mouth and tongue – respectively

1. shut up

2. kiss me firmly, full attention

3. use tongue, teasingly
(don’t choke me with it
for fuck’s sake
nobody likes that)

4. linger here in this kiss
(did you feel the moan
in the back of my throat?
by god, good job)

5. break away, pay heed to my neck
(critical, don’t approach me
if you can’t be bothered
with a collarbone)

6. go on, then
(devour everything
you can get your mouth on
time is no longer relevant)

manageable list, i should think
if not
we part ways

not to reduce you
to a couple of muscles
or take away the
wisdom of your words

just saying
know when it’s time
to stop the conversation
and put that mouth to work

Mouth (an erotic poem) by
Christina Schmidt, MA