Call For Q&A Questions

I am at the point where I will soon be producing another Your Questions Answered vlog (it’s been a minute!). I have a decent amount of questions and comments (random and intended, much like myself) to work with already but I did want to post a “last call” as I’ve no idea when the next one will be.

Ask me about my writing / poetry / or just in general. Questions about my erotica projects and erotic poems are welcome. Please keep in mind I am aware of my subject matter. Your questions are natural and there’s very little you could ask or comment on that I haven’t heard in some capacity. There’s a difference between being naturally curious and being an a**hole. If you’re reading this then as we say in the south, “honey, you grown” and ought to know the difference.

Please send your inquiries to: Include name and home state if you are so inclined or remain anonymous. Your choice!

I get some of the coolest and most unexpected questions sometimes. Some of y’all really make a girl think, and I love a good think!

Tarot questions are welcome but they will be addressed in a separate video for my YouTube channel, Sassy Scorpion Tarot. The questions Sassy gets!

oh my

Hope this post finds you well!

Cheers, Christina