Dear Dad

“My kid could kick your kid’s ass.”

I’ll never forget that. Never. It’s a long story, I may share it one day.

I got into a lot of nonsense as a kid, forever existing in that eternal struggle; seeing things in a certain way that no one else did. Kids, teachers and authorities forever demanding you make me conform. You crossed your arms over your chest every single time, “Nope.”

Your job was to defend your daughter the way she was and not as others would have her be (a lot of things, none of which applied). You didn’t always understand me but that didn’t change your point of view. You raised your kids without a partner. We were a team under constant hardships. An underdog family.

I smile thinking back on how your praise changed to, “My kid’s smarter than your kid” when I put myself through college.

My favorite things you taught me:
~ Stubbornness.
~ Accepting my own ideas even if no one else does.
~ How to use a First Aid kit because, “The world will give you plenty of cuts and bruises and you need to know how to fix yourself.”
~ How to smirk in a way that says, ‘fuck you’ without anyone knowing. This one in particular has served me well over the years.
~ The Beatles, Elton John, and Monty Python. I could have done without Star Trek but then I’d be without the memories.

You can’t read this but that’s not the point.

Happy Father’s Day,
I Love You,

Published by Christina Schmidt

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

7 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. I would say best to your memories being blessings, though THEY ARE, no doubt about it.. What a wonderful testament and eulogy. Sounds like a great man who nurtured a daughter who didn’t fall too far from that rockin’ tree from my perspective. Thanks for sharing this. Your Dad had some meat on his nurturing bones!

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