Cascades (an erotic poem)

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Good call, G. Hair is highly visual.

blonde cascades spill
over you
what the softest of
strands fail to cover
my mouth will provide

whispers of locks
caressing skin
falling haphazardly
across the elongated form
that is you

enough hair to spill ’round
both our heads
blocking the light
as we kiss

temple of amber tones
distinct male scent
my lips linger here
wisp of tongue

silken tresses across your flesh
gentle reminders
a promise yet to

a breath to spare
and a glance given
to the rise of you
…not just yet

tension builds as lips indulge
my hair lay gently
over your mast creating
a flaxen flag of surrender

it’s time
my mane, my pride
crown of my head
fans out, shimmers in the light
as I glorify in your cock

run your fingers through
golden waves
stroke it
gently hold my head
while my mouth embraces you

Cascades (an erotic poem) by
Christina Schmidt

Published by Christina Schmidt

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

6 thoughts on “Cascades (an erotic poem)

  1. Wyrd expressed it. I’ll simply steep in the poem, the comment, and the liquefaction that weren’t the soil under me but my knees letting go like a sequenced detonation building demolition. Only smoke left in the air… and sky.

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    1. And, it effed up my verb conjugation in my comment, too… weren’t… applies to “my knees,”… wasn’t would be to “the soil.” That’s telling even more in itself. Put me a learn to talks mo gooder kind of mental real estate, like knocked out in the Back 40. Me messing up grammar?

      Christina, that in itself is a HIGH accolade from someone who grew up up with University Langauge Prof parent+step-parent and the other a Mktg Director for a university business school. Shaking my head laughing… DAYum. Makes me wonder if I’ll even be able to spell once I pour a glass of Carmenere… maybe even more if all I have left is a Malbec. Better go check before the afternoon gets away. From the above, though, it’s safe to say that “Cascades” already made it not safe to drive. Hello Uber. “Cascades” is literally an intoxicating piece.

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      1. Personally, I have no business getting hung up on grammar. Also, I don’t have the time. More often than not I deliver a piece of the post-n-go variety, which is not ideal. I have to backtrack, make edits and that’s if I notice the error(s) at all. Sometimes it’s all I can do to get the damn things out.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jordan!

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