Writer’s Lift…Ummm Yeah

Office Space (1999). Filmed in Austin, TX! #ATX

That’s my bad.

I meant to give notice Monday about my absence this week on AWC, including Writer’s Lift Wednesday.

I’m not taking a break I’m just undergoing some structural changes in my house. It’s not The Money Pit level of insanity but by god it has potential!

Me. Everyday. The Money Pit (1986)

Seriously though, I see no reason why I can’t resume my “normal” nonsense by next week.

Thank you all for the amazing support! I’ve noticed an uptick in recent followers (largely in part due to Writer’s Lift Wednesday, and, let’s be real, my erotic poetry) and I despise my own absence in light of so many new followers. However, needs must. Life can be terribly inconvenient, I’m sure we can all understand.

By the way, I don’t own the exclusive rights to Writer’s Lift Wednesday. Consider taking a moment to re-blog someone else’s work, maybe say a little something about the piece. The point of WLW is to raise awareness of artists here on WordPress.