Weekly Tarot Readings: 07/14/20

Walter Mercado

If you don’t know who this is, check out the #WalterMercado special on Netflix. While I don’t agree with his delivery of astrology and the zodiac (all positivity, no difficulty – tarot and astrology should reflect real life), Walter Mercado brought astrological readings (including tarot) out of newspaper strips, dim basements, and shabby highway shops, making astrology-based readings digestible to the media. I don’t know that tarot reading would be as prevalent on YouTube today without Walter. Rest in light, Walter Mercado.

Hello All,

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This week’s focus: General Love Reading (bi-monthly).

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I’m sharing Cancer’s reading. We’re still in the season of Cancer until July 22nd when we transition into the season of Leo. Personally, I’m looking forward to basking in the rays of the sun, until then, there is still heavy water energy to contend with.

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Thank you for your good energies. Sassy Fam is growing – fast. 💞💞💞

Take care and be well. I will see you in the stars.

Christina “Sassy”