Shift (an erotic poem)

This one started out serious and ended up as being fun, taken by a moment.
As always, thoughts are welcome.

His approach provokes thoughts
Movement, breathtaking in it’s own right
[decided, intended, forward]
He flips the attention onto me
Distracting me from admiring his prowess

I love the way you move
I think you’ll go right, you go left
Not to mention those damned hips

[you shift me forward as you grip them]
Something so curved could be so strong

I flash to an image
My riding you
Well into the night
My hips are so very skilled
Like that

I shift my thoughts as
I shift my body, stay focused
I step to my right
Left hand running your lean form
Right holds your face as we kiss, deeply

You shift us once more
Spinning me around
My back to the wall
Embraced on all sides
Your hands run down
The right finds itself
Between my thighs
My heat for you apparent
Nowhere to hide

I shift us again
My footing admittedly poor, ’cause
Now we’ve tumbled to the floor
Just as well, at this rate
We weren’t going to make it
To the bedroom anyway

I shift us as I roll
On top of you
Let me show you what
These hips can do

Just like that, you stop shifting

Shift (an erotic poem) by
Christina Schmidt, MA