Writer’s Lift Wednesday #21

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(1) There’s a sweet simplicity in “Over Coffee” that I enjoy and know to be true. I hope we all do 🙂

(2) Really good examples of Erasure poetry are included with the article.

(3) In “Weather” we see excellent line structure. My favorite line: And anxious crows departing.

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. Over Coffee by Mary via mehflowers

Our friendship
Like an old, tired quilt
Tucked away
Thirty five years
The era is long passed
We have moved on
Taken separate paths
So many memories
Covered with fresh new fabric

A dull eraser
A silhouette forever in shadow
Shines a light
On a ripped ragged corner
A phone call
A meeting place
Are we strangers now
I see her through the window
And for a moment in time
I am home again
And nothing is changed

2. How to Write an Erasure (Blackout) Poem by Lidy via Paving My Author’s Road

Well, it’s been a long time coming but I’m blogging about it at last. Hard not to when “How to Write an Erasure Poem” made the top three in my top ten popular blog posts for three years running.

So as a refresher, what is an erasure poem? It’s a type of poetic form where the poet/writer erases the words of a text. Leaving a blank space between the words left behind, to create a new poem. What I did and shared in my blog post before, is a little different but still a form of erasure poetry.

To create the poem, I took the words from a previous text and rearranged them to form a new poem or prose. Through every spacing, line and stanza I created a new poem. Completely reframed and different from the original text. And with a new meaning from the original text. This type of poetic form is found poetry.

read the full article (and see examples) here

3. “Weather” by Carboniferous Fern via Carboniferous Chronicles

Soft pale gold sunrise
Falls in spindles across seas
That are filtering
Silent through my closed fingers
Casting droplets on the grass.

Skyward, grey wisps brew
Rolling waves of white thunder
You don’t see the rain
Looming there with frigid stare
And anxious crows departing.