Weekly Tarot Readings: 7/22/20

Hello All,

The new weekly readings are available on YouTube!

This week’s focus: Career Tarot (monthly) and the 3/4-Energy Check-In for the month of July. To see your sign, please visit Sassy Scorpio Tarot!!!

I am sharing the 3/4-Energy Check-In with TIMESTAMPS

Sagittarius :44
Pisces: 7:22
Gemini 13:40
Virgo 18:38
Aries 24:54
Cancer 31:52
Libra 35:10
Capricorn 41:00
Leo 47:16
Aquarius 51:31
Taurus 56:51
Scorpio 01:03:00

[Private Readings – I am offering limited private readings at this time (Sassy’s website is still under construction). If you go to purchase a reading from me and the message box in PayPal says FULL, then my reading schedule is full. Please check back on the date indicated. Thank you for considering me as your reader; a privilege and an honor.]

Thank you for your good energies. Sassy Fam is growing – fast. 💞💞💞

Take care and be well. I will see you in the stars.

PS – I just hit 5k on YouTube! A THANK YOU video to follow next week.

Christina “Sassy”

Published by Christina Schmidt

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Readings: 7/22/20

    1. Hello there. Currently, my tarot presence is on YouTube @ Sassy Scorpion Tarot. I anticipate my tarot work to have an independent blog presence and Instagram presence in future but for now I occasionally share on ArmedWithCoffee. Thank you for your interest.


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