Writer’s Lift Wednesday #22

This is a writersliftwednesday blog, sharing the works of fellow writers, poets and persons random. All re-blogs will be linked appropriately to their authors.

Writing is no easy calling and nothing easy was ever worth doing.

Support each other. Blog and reblog.

(1) Excellent expression: I smell your fear / Stoke your trepidation, from “Empty, Within.”

(2) “I wonder if I have used up all my words…” me too. Sometimes I wonder just how often my words are thrown into an indifferent wind. Transparency of thought and feeling being nothing in the face of what one insists on reading. Exhausted by the futility of expressing my rejected truths I, too, have to tempt my words back; skittish things.

(3) Yes. Yes, it is, “Writing a Blog Post Is Hard,” and I anticipate addressing this more in my next vlog (that now infamous “next” Q&A vlog…a sigh for time).

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. “Empty, Within” by River Dixon via The Stories In Between

The glory of the passing
Shared among the weak
Claimed by the strong
Hold it up with pride
Bear witness to this
Ignore as my mouth fills
With the sickness
For this is not
For the easily offended

If you can stomach this
I applaud you
Few can
Fewer are willing
To tear out
The sacrificial insides
Strewn about
Hung like fine linen
Draped over mouths
Which were already silent
To begin with

read the full poem here

2. “Lost Voice” by Lucy Brazier via Lucy Brazier

I have lost my voice.

I don’t know where it’s gone, all I know is the harder I try to find it, the further away it feels.

As I scrabble for the words, they vanish as mist in my mind. Like trying to grasp the memory of a dream in that twilight time before sleep and waking.

I wonder if I have used up all my words. They used to flow unbidden from places inside, sometimes deep within, other times from that bubbling layer of innovation that lies just below the surface. Stories would weave themselves unprompted and thoughts and ideas would bloom in black and white.

read the full piece here

3. “Writing a Blog Post Is Hard” Cristian Mihai via The Art of Blogging

Writing a blog post is hard.

It is hard because you have to write it like yourself. It has to belong to you, and it has to be yours only.

If writing a blog post were easy, everyone would do it. Everyone thinks it’s easy; after all, what exactly is blogging?

You just type some words on a computer, maybe share some embarrassing moments from your life, and then you sit around waiting for money to be transferred to your bank account.

You just need ideas. Imagination. Stuff like that.

Well, coming up with ideas is the easy part. If you are willing to set aside half an hour a day to just think, you will come up with a dozen or so ideas. If you read other blog posts, they will accumulate in your subconscious, and you will come up with ideas.

read the full piece here