Scorpion Squished (a poem)


Outfitted with a stinger
Your existence is a threat
Most creatures conceal their weapons
Left unchecked even as they harm
But oh no, not the scorpion
Your weapon is on display
Thus, you had it coming

Not really a poem, more like words born out of irritation.

I meant to type this up a few weeks ago. I was reminded of the squished scorpion when, on a recent morning walk, a damn good sized snake (don’t ask me which kind, unless it’s a rattlesnake or copperhead I couldn’t tell you but it was most likely a garden or “rat” snake) crossed my path. I stopped to let it pass. The snake moved on and so did I.

The pictured scorpion was squished flat, intentionally and with ignorance. I live in Texas – snakes, spiders, wasps and scorpions (and so much more) are inevitable. You deal with it. Leave them alone, they leave you alone. It’s a pretty good compromise. I understand the need to fend off and even kill a creeper that is not leaving you alone but a palm-sized scorpion on a 4-foot wide walking path? This person went out of their way. The scorpion could easily have been avoided like most of the creepy-crawlies that inconveniently give people the willies.

Firsthand, I’ve see the damage a brown recluse or a black widow can do (if you have not seen the damage, and you’re up to grossing yourself out, Google it.) I’ve seen the allergic reactions to stings. All the more reason to avoid, not engage.

You can’t always avoid getting stung in life either. Killing one of the creepies that’s done nothing to you isn’t going to change that fact.

Be smart. Your odds of getting stung or bitten go up when you go out of your way to kill something that was never a threat to begin with. I’m not a math-wiz but even I can appreciate the simplistic value of 2+2.

It’s their ecosystem we humans are intruding upon, not the other way around.


Yours in irritation,
(also, I have not had my afternoon coffee and it shows)
Christina Schmidt

Published by Christina Schmidt

I'm an author and live in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Cheers, y'all.

11 thoughts on “Scorpion Squished (a poem)

  1. Living in the Coachella Valley, we also have lots of scorpions (and surrisingly, cockroaches as well). I will leave a scorpion alone outside, but not when one’s in my house or by my pool. We once had a 3-inch long scorpion crawl on our kitchen floor and it FREAKED US OUT!!! We dispatched that sucker in quick order, and started having our house sprayed once a month. Still have occasional problems with cockroaches though. Ugh!

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    1. No one can blame you there. One’s house can become a nesting area if left unchecked.

      I’m referring to the idiots who go out of there way to kill wildlife in their natural habitats. It shows weakness and stupidity to kill for no reason other than ‘the pointy bit scares me so it should die.’ This is typically what it boils down to.

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