Weekly Tarot Readings: 7/28/20

Hello All,

The new weekly readings are available on YouTube!

This week’s focus: General Love Reading for July 26 – August 8. As we entered the season of Leo on July 22nd, I am posting Leo’s reading. Happy Birthday, Leo!!!

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PS – I deactivated my Twitter account. Twitter was an interesting experiment but one not worth sustaining, not even at 10K followers. Professional social media is a job and I have other platforms that require my full-time attention.

PSS – Some of you have found me on Facebook and have so thoughtfully requested a connection; clients for Sassy Scorpion and folks here on WordPress. Please know Facebook is limited to family and friends. I have to know you IRL (in real life), like I’ve met you in person and everything. I know, totally weird🤪 This is a decision I made a long time ago as I share personal photos and an even greater variety of my own silliness.

[Private Readings – I am offering limited private readings at this time (Sassy’s website is still under construction). If you go to purchase a reading from me and the message box in PayPal says FULL, then my reading schedule is full. Please check back on the date indicated. Thank you for considering me as your reader; a privilege and an honor.]

Thank you for your good energies. Sassy Fam is growing – fast. 💞💞💞

Take care and be well. I will see you in the stars.

Christina “Sassy”