Writer’s Lift Wednesday #25

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(1) Because in the end / We are all a little broken, “Little broken!!!” True.

(2) Whatever the Daily Confessions are…I’m into it. Check out a daily confession below titled, “Sedate me” via Confessions of Passion 👀

(3) From, What to write when you can’t “write what you know.”
“Your friends will desert you and your enemies will revel in your misery.” 🤣 🤣

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. “Little broken!!!” by Dr. Era Singh via The Hidden Soul

Because in the end
We all are little broken
Leaving a bit of us
Everywhere we go
Empty souls or empty spaces
The void is always created
Waiting to be replenished
Till a new end

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2. “Sedate me” by A.J. Luna via Confessions of Passion

Eyes smoldering, her palms and knees scraped as she crawled to him. Salivating with hunger, the starvation was taking the better of her. With a tongue as pointed as a serpent, she drew fine lines of lust over her prey. He would sedate her thirst, and she would feed his need. Their desire as destructive as the earths end.

3. What to write when you can’t “write what you know,” by AdminBD via Anne R. Allen’s Blog…with Ruth Harris

Writing what you know is generally excellent advice for writers who are in the early stages of their careers. Knowing your setting — whether it’s geographical, professional, familial, is one less issue you’ll have to face when you’re still not yet completely comfortable with fiction’s basic craft elements — narrative, backstory, plot, dialogue, character.


What if you can’t — or don’t want to — write what you know?

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