I, Your First Girl (an erotic poem)

featured image: Two Women 2 by Steve K

you arched your back
so high it cracked
you weren’t expecting that
to grip my head between pale thighs
your vocals beyond soft sighs
guttural, primal, like you could die

21 then, i made the first move
ocean eyes imploring naturally i obliged
my thumb along your jaw
gliding over pink lips
eyes locked intention clear
i slowly lean in to kiss

shy tongue appears
sweet little thing as you explore
couple of glasses of cheap syrah
got you thinking in the new
about the boys and certain ineptitudes
you’ve entrusted me to show you

having heard about me
made you instantly curious, kitty never killed
no screams, peals, or thrills
i, your first girl
red hair flaming behind you but
never a flame inside you

ignited properly for the first time
aglow with orgasm is to be divine
such relief, you look back at me
how did i know what to do?
silly, i’m a woman just like you

I, Your First Girl (an erotic poem) by
Christina Schmidt, MA