Glitches n’ Stuff

Hello All!

I will be overhauling ArmedWithCoffee (AWC) for the next few days, possibly weeks. Expect glitches, delays, and inexplicable weirdness. I may make AWC completely private if the transition is not as smooth as I hope it will be. It’s not just site design that is being altered, old content will be cleaned out and new content added. If you can’t find AWC for a bit then you know what happened 😂.

I forgot to mention last time when I announced The New Direction of AWC, all tarot posts will discontinue on this blog. Sassy Scorpion’s website (outside of YouTube) is still inactive but I hope to launch it October/November during the season of Scorpius. I found that birthdate for the website to be appropriate 😊.

Additionally, I am adding an AWC Supports page. As you know, supporting the arts is important to me. In addition to lifting fellow authors, poets, and artists in general, I will now be “lifting” those businesses I whole heartedly recommend be it literary or otherwise. Most are local to Austin, Texas but have an online presence that you can patron as you see fit and hopefully benefits you. Please, no solicitations. If you list your business in the comments section, I will remove it.

NOTE: Businesses listed on any future pages are not sponsored, bought, or in any way paid for.


Thank you. AWC and SST continue to grow. No “bought” followers or subscribers. No ads. No sponsors. Just the free will of creatives.

And, yes. Yes. YEs. YES. I will address the now 30 or so emails I received in regards to my recent poem “I, Your First Girl” in the next Q&A vlog. I’m actually glad that for one reason or another I had to put that vlog off. Had I released a Q&A on schedule I would have been obligated to turn around and make another one! 🤪 🤣

For those of you who started here on AWC and now support me on YouTube, thank you.

For those of who found me on YouTube and now support me here, thank you.

Baby, we’re just getting started.


My copy of the One Hundred Leaves (translation by Frank Watson) came in just today and is a fresh reminder of why I hesitate to call myself a poet. Words I’ve struggled to say, captured well before I knew the difficulty of longing and desire…I feel so false in my craft at times. Read for yourself but one sample of a hundred.

“My heart’s hit by anticipation,” by Oshikochi no Mitsune

My heart’s hit by anticipation-

The first frost

Has placed a veil of confusion

Over the white chrysanthemum

And if I pluck it, it will be by chance

PS – A silly honorable mention. I just started watching the show Community (I am aware of how behind I am) and I am LIVING for Senor Chang. Actor, Ken Jeong (Senor Chang) makes the show. I just finished season one and am hoping they greatly increase his presence.

Christina Schmidt, MA