Writer’s Lift Wednesday #27

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(1) Indeed, “The Poetry Of Color.” Exquisite. Please see samples below.

(2) My skin is “too loud.” / My skin is “too proud.” / It doesn’t listen when it’s told, / How dare it be bold? Yes. Yes. Yes. More, please. From, “My Skin” By Shanice Rose.

(3) My UK trip is back on schedule and a visit to the Brontë Parsonage Museum is inevitable. The Brontë sisters are the stuff of my personal legends. This is a great article. In truth, I am more fond of Charlotte Brontë as she penned the much beloved, Jane Eyre.

1. GUEST ARTIST: “The Poetry Of Color” by Dagmar Olschewski via doodlewash

My name is Dagmar Olschewski and I live in Germany, near Luxembourg. Together with my three sons, my husband and some animals, I have been living on an old farm for several years, surrounded by fields, meadows and forests, without neighbors. It is a quiet, peaceful life and each of us has plenty of time and space to find individual potential, to experiment with it and to develop it.

When someone’s talent ignites a flame in you, something incredible happens. You discover within yourself a world of color and images that has always been waiting to be brought to life. Suddenly the flame becomes so vast, that in which, your creativity comes to life.

read the full piece (and see more examples) here

2. My Skin” By Shanice Rose via The Rising Phoenix Review

Uncomfortable in my skin.
Uncomfortable from within.
Uncomfortable with who I am.
Uncomfortable, but who gives a damn?
Uncomfortable when you hear me,
Talking about my feelings,
As if black women are unfamiliar
To the idea of healing.

read the full poem here

3.Literature History | The Bronte Sisters: What You Didn’t Know About Charlotte Bronte” by Samantha James via The Chronicles of History

The talented Bronte sisters evolved, sensationalized, and influenced classical literature in critical ways. They were excellent and fearless writers during an era that made it difficult for women to be taken serious.Today’s post will be the first of a three part series about the Bronte sisters covering facts many readers may not know about them.

The sisters were three of six children born to Maria Branwell and Patrick Bronte, an accomplished clergyman with his own parish. Charlotte, Emily, and Anne were involved in several individual novels that set flame to the literary world. 

read the full article here