Over Coffee (an erotic poem)

I wrote this some time ago and as is often the case with me, I do not reveal my work until it feels right – if ever. I came across Over Coffee while cleaning out old notes. I see I labeled my initial estimation of the poem as too silly. Reading it now I think, Who cares. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to (because I’m laughing so hard). I’m just a coffee swilling, erotic writing dork. Cheers and happy Friday.

Across from me, you
Inviting gentle conversation
Truth? My ungentle mind is having it’s way with you
Throwing my elaborate latte aside
Reaching over the barrier
Commonly known as a table
Grabbing you by collared shirt
Ripping it wide
Nails clawing at your shoulders
Mouth catches and clings
Red lipstick all over you
Shocking everyone who sees
Passion stronger than any known brew
Such caffeinated ecstasy would
Drive the prices up
You’ve a rise of your own
Pressing yourself into me
As you pull me down
No one does a damn thing
But cheer us on
Next customer in wait
Chimes the classic line
I’ll have what she’s having
No way lady, this one’s mine

‘Sorry, what?’ I missed something you said
Imagination does run away at times
Perhaps I should control it better
But then again…why?

I like the way you look
If only in mind’s eye
Besides, I love coffee
A combined adrenaline rush

Over Coffee (an erotic poem)
Christina Schmidt, MA