Writer’s Lift Wednesday #28

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Writing is no easy calling and nothing easy was ever worth doing. Support each other by sharing, liking and commenting.

(1) “Passion” by Christine Bolton. Nailed it.

Additionally, I would like to add that it is wonderful to see a woman take full possession of her name. I understand why women feel the need to use handles (especially if they wish to venture into the realms of erotica, passion, and romance) but it’s all the more reason why I personally celebrate it when a woman owns her name to the stories and poems she shares.

(2) “A thunderstorm is coming,” (photo) by la moro. Such contrasts in nature exemplify the existing struggle: light and dark, joy and sorrow, hope and despair.

(3) It’s getting harder and harder to find bloggers willing to share their stories. Hunters Instinct is written by Mason Bushell using a one-word prompt (Instinct) from the Ragtag Daily Prompt.

1. “Passion,” by Christine Bolton via Poetry For Healing

In the glorious, burning
splendor of deep lust
are passion-filled nights
Overpowering and exciting
where all reason is lost
in wondrous heights

Touching and stroking
Delighting in exploring
mind-blowing ecstasy
Sweating and gasping
Caution to the winds
Screaming out helplessly

The slow, delicious descent
from the euphoric state
is a journey of gratification
Until lain crumpled and spent
in the forgotten ashes of
intimacy and adulteration

2. “A thunderstorm is coming,” (photo) by la moro via Nature Photography

3. Hunters Instinct by Mason Bushell via Masons Mind Mangerie

Predators like the majestic cheetah, are creatures of instinct. Everything he does is intuitive and instinctual. He instinctively knows which is the weakest of the heard of springbok his hunting. His sharp perception tells him, which way the prey will run and then he’s off running at sixty miles per hour. His muscles running on pure instinct as he chases, leaps and claims his dinner for the week.

Charles ‘Cheeto’ Nero was on the hunt too. He’d been a hunter for most of his adult life. Like the big cat, his senses were highly attuned to his surroundings. Cheeto walked with a purpose, his instincts reading the spoor and environment and guiding his every move.

read the full piece here