Q&A: September 2020

Like always, these are incredibly fun. Thank you so much for your support, your questions, and your comments, by all means continue to send them. I never know when I’m going to do a Q&A so feel free to hit that Contact page!

Timestamps below.


Intro 0:00
1. will you Writer’s Lift me? 1:14
2. publication journey. 2:43
3. are you bi-sexual? 5:07
4. beta readers – erotica. 7:22
5. what do you wear in bed? 9:29
6. do see yourself living in Austin forever? 10:00
7. what side of the bed do you sleep on? 11:14
8. on writing an erotica scene. what happened to the romance video? 12:42
9. did you go back to the gym? legs? 15:25
10. what’s a show you could watch over and over? 17:04
Thank You / Contact 18:19

Christina Schmidt, MA