Writer’s Lift Wednesday #32

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(1) “And my eyes. / My eyes take you in / and I feel like I’m attached / to a live wire.” The most powerful experiences always begin in the eyes, not in words. Writers and poets will never succeed in expressing what they eyes naturally convey and with so little effort.

(2) slave to the emphatic vatic.” You don’t even know how appropriately I experience this piece. Had to share.

(3) your love seldom disappoints / from setting a seance…*chuckles at desk* from “Your Dark Love.”

Christina Schmidt, MA

1. “Live Wire,” by Sarah Doughty via Heartstring Eulogies

“And my eyes.
My eyes take you in
and I feel like I’m attached
to a live wire.”

I wonder, darling, can you feel the electricity? That current that arcs back and forth between us? The kind of sparks that cannot be seen, but felt. I can feel them.

read the full piece here

2. “Tired But Thankful,” by Kim M. Russell via writing in north norfolk

You woke me up
in the early hours
with your persistence
and your words.

Now I’m up
before the birds,
brain whirring,
fingers tapping,

slave to the emphatic vatic.

read the full piece here

3. “Your Dark Love,” by Shantanu Baruah via Ckonfab

You may not know,
your dark love has smeared my heart
with shades of pewter gray.

Yet I flame my thoughts
with hues of crimson red,

for dark or otherwise
your love seldom disappoints
from setting a seance
an occult from a different time