Music: “Kvitravn” (White Raven) by Wardruna

This is awesome recommendation was brought to me by Leslie Pless. “Kvitravn,” is the sound of my ancestors. Prior to learning of my Scandinavian heritage (I’ve been learning lots), I had, not so coincidentally, been actively discovering the proud and rich sounds of the modern-Norse music. Norse folk and Scandinavian folk are not necessarily interchangeable, it comes down to geography (see below map) I mean “Norse” as in the genre music labeling (modern Norse music is literally labeled “Norse”). And the woman who joins in and slays at 3:47…passionate, uncompromising.

Some REALLY excellent examples of modern experimental / electro pop (with Swedish Norse origins) you may want to check out iamamiwhoami and Fever Ray (freaking love, Fever Ray). I’ve linked-off examples of both. “Fountain,” by iamamiwhoami, is my very spirit.

Lyrics (provided by Wardruna) “Kvitravn” (White Raven) by Wardruna

White Raven

Into twilight
Lure you in
White raven
Veiled and dwelling

Let me ask!
Lend me a feather
I will turn it
into white wings

Let us fly,
wide on winds
With hunting minds
and sorcerous songs

Let me ask!
Lend me your wide-sight
Let me espy,
in fumes of fog

Let me ask!
Teach me the song
that allures you… that allures me
that finds you… that finds me

Will you follow me
throughout my time?
Will you watch over me
throughout my time?

Gave me wings
White raven
Gave me foresight
Gave me the song
White wings
Follows me

Christina Schmidt, MA

PS – I’ve had a special request from Charles (Kentucky) to post, “Legs,” by ZZ Top, because “that’s what runs through my mind when I see yours. Btw, did you know they’re from Texas?”

Duh, Charles. Cheers.